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As an interactive, psychodynamic therapist, my treatment approach is to provide support while exploring the roots of a patient's difficulties, in the here and now, but also with a view to the early, formative relational experiences that continue to reverberate in the present. The process is fundamentally collaborative, and my approach is highly personalized. When appropriate, I offer practical input to help patients address current life challenges and long-standing issues. I draw on a variety of theories and methodologies to incorporate what is most helpful for each individual. I believe change is very difficult, and I am committed to creating a safe atmosphere in which patients can learn about themselves and tolerate the painful aspects of growing. 

A goal of the process is to make use of the therapeutic relationship in order to develop greater awareness of one's inner life and mode of relating. This awareness generates greater capacity for making choices and leading one's life in accordance with one's deepest values and beliefs, rather than feeling driven by conflicted desires, confusion or unease.


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