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Hello. Thank you for visiting my site. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you something about how I work. I am reasonably active in the therapy process, asking questions and reflecting out-loud on what you tell me about yourself--your thoughts, feelings, experiences in relationships and in your life in general, past and present. My goal is to provide support to you while learning more about how you have come to be who you are. I pay attention to what is happening now in your life, but I am also interested in earlier history, experiences in your family and social relationships that continue to affect you in the present; and areas in which you feel stuck.

As well, I pay attention to what occurs "in the room"--in our relationship. The relationship we develop together in this process is collaborative. It becomes a kind of laboratory, fostering greater awareness of what goes on in your mind and heart, how you think about yourself, and what influences your way of relating. I have found that such awareness can create for you a greater ability to make satisfying choices, and to live your life in ways that reflect your deepest values and beliefs, rather than acting out of confusion or lack of confidence, and being at cross-purposes with yourself and the people in your life.

At times I will offer practical input to help you address current challenges, or longstanding difficulties. I rely on aspects of several different theories about psychological development and the therapeutic process. My intent, as I make use of these, is to be as sensitive and responsive as possible to you, in ways that are helpful and effective.

I believe change is very difficult, and I am committed to creating a safe atmosphere in which you can learn about yourself, and tolerate the painful aspects of growing.

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